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Tandemfliegen Südtirol Bozen Sarntal
Tandem Flights Sarntal - Südtirol

The pilots of Tandem Flights Sarntal


The pilots of Tandem Flights Sarntal have many years of flying experience and are certified tandem pilots.

Every two years they have to do a medical examination. In addition, our pilots have to do a safety training. 

The paragliders are checked at least every two years or every 100 flying hours. The equipment is maintained regularly.

Tandem Flights Sarntal - Südtirol

Martin Stofner

Since I was a little boy, I dreamed of flying. Paragliding then let me realize my dream years later. After just a few flights, it was clear to me that I wanted to make this unique experience possible for other people. This led me to get the license as a tandem pilot. Since then I do not only fly alone but also passionately with my passengers. Tandem flying is especially fun because you can share your passion with others.

Tandem Flights Sarntal - Südtirol

Julian Felderer

When i was a child i was fascinated by the paragliders which flew over Sarnthein and even then i knew i wanted to do this too. After my paragliding training course my passion grew even more so i decided i wanted to share this passion and my enthusiasm with other people. I then chose to do a tandem course to extend my experience.

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