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It doesn't matter if it's for a birthday or Christmas - giving presents is always fun! And it is even more fun to give unforgettable moments and emotions. That's why we offer all our tandem paragliding flights as gift vouchers.

You can be sure: The presentee will not forget such a gift so quickly!

Tandem Flights Sarntal - Südtirol

for beginners and for everyone who simply wants to enjoy and relax


When the cable cars in Reinswald are up and running, we will mainly fly there. We meet at the valley station and take the cable car up to the mountain restaurant "Pichlberg". From there it's a few more steps to the take-off point (approx. 5 minutes to walk). There we take off after a few steps and glide down into the valley in a calm and relaxed manner. We enjoy the wonderful panorama in the heart of South Tyrol.
When the cable cars are closed (around mid-April to the end of May and from beginning of November to beginning of December) we fly in the centre of our beautiful valley: in Sarnthein.
On request, it is of course also possible to fly in Sarnthein during the summer and winter months. Meeting point, take-off and landing place depend on various factors. Just contact us if you are interested and we can discuss everything else together.

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Tandem Flights Sarntal - Südtirol

for those who wish to fly even higher - Mountain flight


Those who want to fly even higher have the possibility to experience a flight from the summit (Sattele) in the winter months. With the chairlift we easily reach the highest mountain station of the ski area. From there we start and fly above the ski slopes and huts like a bird!

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Tandem Flights Sarntal - Südtirol

Thermal flight for the adventurous - Eagle flight


For all those who want to feel like an eagle and soar in a thermal, we also offer a thermal flight in Sarnthein.
We start with the tandem at about 1200 msl, let ourselves be carried upwards with the upwinds and gain more and more height.
As thermal flying is highly dependent on the weather and the season, we can only fly on certain days and at certain times of the year. In autumn and winter the thermals are too weak.

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